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good morning. i am glad to be here for this interview. first let me introduce myself. my name is xxx,24. i come from xxxxxx,the capital of xxxxxxxprovince. i graduated from the xxxxxxx department of xxxxxuniversity in july,20xx. in the past two years i have been preparing for the postgraduate examination while i have been teaching xxxxxin no. xxxxmiddle school and i was a head-teacher of a class in junior grade two. now all my hard work has got a result since i have a chance to be interviewed by you.

i am open-minded,quick in thought and very fond of history. in my spare time,i have broad interests like many other youngers.i like reading books,especially those about xxxxxxx. frequently i exchange with other people by making comments in the forum on line. in addition,during my college years,i was once a net-bartechnician. so,i have a comparative good command of network application. i am able to operate the computer well. i am skillful in searching for information on internet. i am a football fan for years. italian team is my favorite. anyway,i feel great pity for our countrys team.

i always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning. of course,if i am given a chance to study xxxxxx in this famous university,i will spare

no effort to master a good command of advance xxxxxx.












10.howseriousisunemploymentamong young people?


12.whatdoyouthinkhavebeenthemostimportantchangesinyourstudy fieldoverthepast5years?





3. whenandwheredidyougraduate?whatqualificationshaveyouobtained?












my name is xxx. ill graduate from china medical university in july next year. and, my major is imaging of medicine, which is one of the most famous majors in our university. in my way of thinking, education is an important aspect of my life. i appreciate that our professors put great emphasize on the academic teaching of the solid theory foundation during our four year course.

on the other hand, i must admit, practice is the sole criterion for testing truth. through the whole semesters of the fifth year in school for clinic practice, i make great progress in practical application. at the mention of my qualification, i have passed cet-4 in english and cct-2 (=the second level) on computer already.

i have a good command of imaging computer system pacs; not only do my qualification make me a perfect candidate, my personality is well suited: im honest, stable, aspiring, and have high sense of responsibility, strong will and indomitable spirit .i think i have the excellent ability of working independent1y or with a diverse work force as well. apart from the above mentioned, my scholastic pursuit make me spare no effort to get down to everything.

needless to say, nothing but perseverance, diligence can lead me to the way of success. its indeed unchangeable truth. it is my eagerness for putting my book knowledge into the farthest application .with my pious enthusiasm and sincerity, i want to join you to work for your hospital.

i believe that, i can because i think i can.

thank you for your consideration of my application...thank you.



2、使用地道的问候语,使自己更加尊重对方。那么如何体现自己很尊重对方呢?你可以用这样一句话,it‘s my honor to meet you

这句话比较地道,而且使对方感觉自身比较受尊重。比nice to meet you 好!

3、低调的表现自己,在求职过程中很重要。那么如何低调的表现自己,你可以来这么一句?may i get


4、在说性格的时候比较简单,你要学会这样说,i am。后面接一个词,这个词你可以说honest,也可以说easy going。连起来说就是i am

honest and easy going.但是你要学会聪明的来句but。

5、为什么要来个but,这是强调自己的特征。人具有普遍性,当然也有特殊性,一个but 就把你的特殊性给展现出来了。but i have a

strong sense of


get very serious and cautious when at work。我工作的时候很严肃。


7、最后来句that is over。表示你已经说完了。可以让对方提问。或者你在说句,if you have

any question.i am very happy to answer you


i feel i can make some positive contributions to your company in the future. 我觉得我对贵公司能做些积极性的贡献。

my school training combined with my practice in the factories should qualify me for this particular job.i am sure i will be successful.我在研究所的训练,加上实习工作,使我适合这份工作。我相信我能成功。

i can handle it well.我知道我能应付自如。

i think im reasonably optimistic by nature.我想我生性是相当乐观的。

im quite hard-working,responsibleand outgoing.我觉得自己是个工作勤奋、负责而且外向的人



i am a xx graduate of xx school of accounting and computerized accounting. as an excellent accounting major, i love accounting and invest a great deal of enthusiasm and energy. in the years of study, i systematically studied basic accounting, financial accounting, financial management, accounting, tax, statistics, and economic law. accounting computerization and other professional knowledge. at the same time, i completed all subjects homework with excellent results. i have won three excellent students, excellent students, excellent league members, and all in attendance awards.

during the period of school, i am positive and enterprising, improving myself from all aspects, making great progress and improving my overall quality. in the work i can do the work diligently, serious and responsible, careful organization, and strive to do the best.

during the work of the holiday practice, i learned to think, learned to be a person, learned how to work with people, exercised organizational ability and communication, coordinated ability, and trained the self recommendation letter of thought accounting major 5 in the spare time, i like in the spare time. read all kinds of books, extract information from books, enrich yourself, renew your ideas and broaden your mind. at the same time, it also actively participated in stylistic activities.

i will recommend myself to you with self-confidence. if i have the honor to become a member of your company, i will work harder and make more efforts to contribute to your company. i believe that your company can provide me with a space for talent development, and i believe you can believe that i can bring new vitality and new achievements to your company.

thank you for your attention during your busy schedule. i hope your company will thrive.


hello everyone, my name is lee.

this is really a great honor to have this opportunity, and i believe i can make good performance today.

now i will introduce myself briefly.

i am 20 years old,born in guangdong province, south of china, and i am a senior student at guangdong **university.

my major is english.

and i will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in june.

in the past four years, i spent most of my time on study.

i passed cet4 and cet6 with a ease and acquired basic theoretical and practical knowledge of language.

besides, i have attended several speech competition held in beijing, which really showed our professional advantages.

i have taken a tour to some big factories and companies, through which i got a deep understanding of english for application.

compared to developed countries, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1998, our packaging industry is still underdeveloped, messy and unstable, and the situation of employees in the field is awkward.

but i have full confidence in its bright future if only our economy can be kept at the growth pace still.


if luckily i got the chance to learn environment engineering in tongji university, i will concentrate on the study and reserch in this field. first i will hard to learn the theoritical knowledge,constucting a solid base for my future work; second i would like to do some practical work with the help of the supervisor ang classmate .and through this ,i can get something that cannot be acquired from the textooks. i believe after 2 years of learning ,my dream will finally come true..


good morning, everyone! i am glad to be here for this interview. first, let me introduce myself to you. my name is qin jiayin. i was born on april 23, 1981. i am a local person.i am graduating from jilin normal university this june. i major in chinese literature. i hope i could get the opportunity to finish my postgraduate courses in jilin university which i have desired for a long time. i have the confidence because i have such ability! i am a girl who is fervent, outgoing and creative. at the same time, i think i am quick in mind and careful in everything. i am looking forward to my postgraduate studies and life. i will soon prove that your decision of choosing me is the wisest. thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity!

reasons for taking postgraduate exams:

first of all, i love my major. chinese literature is the symbol of the start of chinese literary modernization. it plays an important part in modernization of our citizens’ thoughts. what’s more, modern literature is very close to our daily life and it can deeply reflect the styles and features of our society. i am fascinated by the great masters’ refreshing or warm or profound styles as well. but i am not easily satisfied with such superficial knowledge. i hope i could have a better understanding in modern literature by studying further. this is a very important reason for me to take the postgraduate exams.

next, i love the feeling in the university. it is full of youthful spirit. and i am deeply attracted by the scholarly atmosphere. and the most important, it’s my great honor to open my ears to your teaching.finally, i want to talk about a very practical problem. that is my dream of becoming a teacher in the university. i want to realize my dream and make myself to be a well-qualified person. i think the postgraduate studies can eich my knowledge and make me competent in my future job.that’s my simple and clear reasons why i took the postgraduate exams.my university:

i’m graduating form jilin normal university this june which has a history of 50 years. it shares many same characteristics with jilin university. both of them have a refreshing and scholarly atmosphere. four years’ studying there made me an independent, optimistic and strict girl.

i appreciate the education my university gave me.

thank you for your time!

(三)good afternoon, teachers.

i am very glad to be here for this interview. first let me introduce myself. my name is abc, 25 years old. i come from weifang, a beautiful city of shandong province. i graduated from commercial college in july, 20xx and major in finance. then, i was a teacher in abc, when i was a senior school student, i am interested in thought and began to read a certain classic work of marxism, especially i finished reading “the florilegium of mao zedong”. from then on, i have dabbled in more and more theoretical works and accumulated great interests in theory study, especially in marxism.

i have a dream, a dream of my study. i wish devote my whole life and energy into the development of the marxism. if i have the opportunity to study in abc university, i’ll dabble in as much as document about the specialty as possible. if it is possible, i want to get the primary accomplishment in my major, at least, a stable basis.

personally, for today’s china, the first task to the development of marxism is a process of construction. that’s to say, we should understand marxism mostly from the aspect of construction and development of social society. only when our socialistic country has a more rapid and balance development than the capitalistic, we can enhance the attractiveness and persuasion of marxism eventually.

(四)respected professors:

good afternoon! im great honored to meet you here.now allow me to give a brief self-introduction:

im *******,26 years old , born in ***** city ,henan province.in year 1996,i entered ********university, majoring in machincal designing and producing. during those 4 yearsstudy,i worked hard and i was always active in various activities . i gained the first scholarship for four times and i joined the communist party at the college.after my graduation in june 20xx,i worked in --------company.i got a position in the technology department the first year and i was involved in several internet projects, such as the one for college student recruitment in henan province and the one for computer center in mathmatics department in zhengzhou university. owning to my hard work ,i was rewarded the best newcomer prize in the year 20xx. the next year, i was transferred into the principal customer department, responsible for the developing and strengthening a good relationship between the principal customers and my company .two major customers, henan provincipal department of transportation and henan provincial department of personnel, are under my work. however,with time going on ,the more i experienced, the clearer i realized that im really interested in the enterprise management .i find many enterprises have the problem of an unmatched management to its

developing speed . im eager

to learn more about management and i hope i can study further in this university. so i resigned in august , 20xx and started the way to pursuing my studies. after about half years hard work, im finally standing before you honorable professors now. im really excited . though ive sacrificed much on my way to pusuing studies, i believe its worthwhile. i believe working hard will finally be repaied .thank you !

[求助]如果在英语口试中听不懂或讲不出,怎么办?我反正只背了个自我介绍,如果他们还要问其他的,只好说"could you speak slowly ?"or"sorry,i didn`t prepare for this question"




传统面试问题(sample traditional interview questions)

1、"what can you tell me about yourself?" ("关于你自己,你能告诉我些什么?")

this is not an invitation to give your life history. the interviewer is looking for clues about your character, qualifications, ambitions, and motivations.


the following is a good example of a positive response. "in high school i was involved in competitive sports and i always tried to improve in each sport i participated in. as a college student, i worked in a clothing store part-time and found that i could sell things easily. the sale was important, but for me, it was even more important to make sure that the customer was satisfied. it was not long before customers came back to the store and specifically asked for me to help them. im very competitive and it means a lot to me to be the best."


general introduction

i am a third year master major in automation at shanghai jiao

tong university, p。 r。 china。 with tremendous interest in industrial engineering, i am writing to apply for acceptance

into your ph。d。 graduate program。

education background in 1995, i entered the nanjing university of science & technology (nust) —— widely considered one of the china’s best engineering schools。 during the following undergraduate study, my academic records kept distinguished among the whole department。 i was granted first class prize every semester,in 1999, i got the privilege to enter the graduate program

waived of the admission test。

at the period of my graduate study, my overall gpa(3。77/4。0) ranked top 5% in the

department。 in the second semester, i became teacher assistant that is given to talented and matured students only。 this year, i won the acer scholarship as the one and only candidate in my department, which is the ultimate accolade for distinguished students endowed by my

university。 presently, i am preparing my graduation thesis and trying for the honor of excellent graduation thesis。

research experience and academic activity when a sophomore, i joined the association of ai enthusiast

and began to narrow down my interest for my future research。

with the tool of opengl and matlab, i designed a simulation program for transportation scheduling system。 it is now widely used by different research groups in nust。 i

assumed and fulfilled a sewage analysis & dispose project for nanjing sewage treatment plant。 this was my first practice to convert a laboratory idea to a commercial product。 in retrospect, i find myself standing on a solid basis in both theory and experience, which has prepared me for the ph。d。 program。 my future research interests include: network scheduling problem, heuristic algorithm research (especially in ga and neural network), supply chain network research, hybrid system performance analysis with petri nets and data


1、good morning/afternoon/evening, my name is 。 it is really a great honor to have this opportunity/chance to introduce myself。 i would like to answer whatever you may raise, and i hope i can make a good performance today。

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