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good morning, teachers, i am honored to be informed to have this interview.

introduce yourself

first let me introduce myself, my name is xx, 23 years old, and david is my english name. i am open-minded, easy to adapt, compatible with my friends, and willing to help others.

introduce your college

i studied in xx university. although it is not well know, i still appreciate it, because it offers me a chance to develop my abilities. during my college years, i have made rapid and great progress in many areas, as a student, i work very hard, and obtain scholarship many times, as a monitor, i work earnestly, also gain good comments from teachers and classmates, working as a member of student union, i strive to finish any assignment perfectly. in a word, i learned a lot in my college life.

introduce your family

in my family, there are three members, my farther, my mother, and i. my parents are workers, my father works very hard, and he is always fully occupied, so most of the housework is done by my mother, of course, while i am at home, i would help her. i love my parents and they love me, too. when i make a success, they are more excited than me, and support me to do better. even though i failed, instead of blaming, they always share sorrow with me, and encourage me not to give up. during my preparation for graduate examination, the support from my family is always my momentum. parentssquo; love is unselfish; i am deeply affected, so i will do all what i can to repay them.

introduce your hometown

my hometown is xx, a young city in xx province. it is famous for its xx and xx. there are great scenes here, xx, xx, xx, and so on. each year, many people come here for tour and investment. so i believe that, with the joint efforts of every person, a better future of xx is coming (round the corner).

introduce your reason for preparing the postgraduate exam

during the past four years, i have learned a lot of professional knowledge and practical skills, but gradually, i realize it is not enough. in my opinion, further study is actually urgent for me to realize and finally achieve self-value. life is precious, it is necessary to catch any opportunity for self-development, especially in the competitive modern society. therefore, i prefer to go on for further education.

why do you choose to study in our department?

i am deeply impressed by the academic atmosphere when connecting to the web site of your department. in addition, i am attracted by the process of xx, and want to do something for xx. as the proverb says squo;process is the activity of today and the assurance of tomorrow.squo; if i got a chance to study here, i would like to continue to accept professional training, in order to get ready for working in the future. i hope i can achieve my goal soon.

about your future plans:

what do you expect to achieve during your study if you are enrolled into this institute?

there must be many things to learn if i were enrolled into my ideal research field. i hope i can build up a systematic view of xx, especially in the fields of xx. sincerely, my wish is to get a complete comprehension of xx. on the other hand, i am dreaming of the participation of some relevant projects of my major, for this reason, i will get more experience in practice. and whatsquo;s more, i expect to continue my study for doctorate degree, if it is possible. in a word, i am looking forward to making up a solid foundation for future profession which is based on three years of study here.

do you have any hobbies?

in my spare time, i like reading books, collecting cards and coins, playing volleyball, communicating with friends, and so on.

i also like english very much, i am fond of watching english films and listening to english songs, i passed college english test band six in september, 2003, i do believe there is still a long way for me to learn english well enough, however i will not shrink back, because i realize that english is a bridge connected our country with the outside world. learning english is the most direct and available method for intercourse among countries and also useful for us to get advanced knowledge and technology from other nations.


( for the on-job candidates)

respected professors,good afternoon! i'm great honored to meet you here.now allow me to give a brief self-introduction.

i'm ,26 years old , born in city , province.in the year of ,i entered university, majoring in machincal designing and producing. during those 4 years'study,i worked hard and i was always active in various activities. i gained the first scholarship for four times and i joined the communist party at the college.

after my graduation in june ,i worked in company. i got a position in the technology department the first year and i was involved in several internet projects, such as the one for college student recruitment in henan province and the one for computer center in mathmatics department in zhengzhou university. owning to my hard work ,i was awarded the best newcomer prize in the year . the next year, i was transferred into the principal customer department, responsible for developing and strengthening a good relationship between the principal customers and my company. two major customers, henan provincipal department of transportation and henan provincial department of personnel, are under my work.

however,with time going on ,the more i experienced, the clearer i realized that i'm really interested in the enterprise management .i find many enterprises have the problem of an unmatched management to its developing speed . i'm eager to learn more about management and i hope i can study further in this university.

so i resigned in august , 2008 and started the way to pursuing my studies. after about half year's hard work, i'm finally standing before your honorable professors now. i'm really excited. though i've sacrificed much on my way to pusuing studies, i believe it's worthwhile. i believe working hard will finally be prepared. thank you !









it is my great pleasure to be here. my name is , graduated from university of technology, majored in petroleum engineering. during my four-year study in the university as an under-graduate student, i have built up a solid foundation of professional knowledge, as well as a rich experience of social activities. four years' university education gives me a lot of things to learn, a lot of chances to try, and a lot of practices to improve myself. it teaches me not only what to study and how to think, but also to see the importance of practical ability (such as doing experiment as much as possible). in the university life, i have made many good friends. they help me improve my study and research ability, and often give me good example to follow.

i am a determined person, always willing to achieve higher goals. generally speaking, i am a hard working student especially do the thing i am interested in. i will try my best to finish it no matter how difficult it is. if luckily i got the chance to learn petroleum engineering in our university, i will concentrate on the study and research in this field. first i will hard to learn the ,constructing a solid base for my future work; second i would like to do some practical work with the help of the tutors and classmates. and through this, i can get something that cannot be acquired from the textbooks. i believe after 3 years of learning, my dream will finally come true.





















first, i hope i can form systematic view of . as for , my express wish is to get a complete comprehension of the formation and development as well as . if possible, i will go on with my study for doctorate degree.

in a word, i am looking forward to making a solid foundation for future profession after two years study here.

if luckily i got the chance to learn environment engineering in tongji university, i will concentrate on the study and research in this field. first, i will hard to learn the theoretical knowledge, constructing a solid base for my future work;second, i would like to do some practical work with the help of the supervisor and classmate. and through this, i can get something that cannot be acquired from the textbooks. i believe after 2 years of learning, my dream will finally come true……

first of all, i love my major. chinese literature is the symbol of the start of chinese literary modernization. it plays an important part in modernization of our citizens"" thoughts. what""s more, modern literature is very close to our daily life and it can deeply reflect the styles and features of our society. i am fascinated by the great masters refreshing or warm or profound styles as well. but i am not easily satisfied with such superficial knowledge. i hope i could have a better understanding in modern literature by studying further. this is a very important reason for me to take the postgraduate exams.

next, i love the feeling in the university. it is full of youthful spirit. and i am deeply attracted by the scholarly atmosphere. and the most important, it""s my great honor to open my ears to your teaching.

finally, i want to talk about a very practical problem. that is my dream of becoming a teacher in the university. i want to realize my dream and make myself to be a well-qualified person. i think the postgraduate studies can enrich my knowledge and make me competent in my future job.

that""s my simple and clear reasons why i took the postgraduate exams.

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