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i am very happy to introduce myself here.i was born in liaoning province.i graduated from nankai university and majored in international trade. i like music and reaing books,especially economical books. it is my honor to apply this job. i hope i can realise my dream in our company.please give me a chance.thank you very much

it is my great pleasure to introduce myself.i was born in liaoning. my major is international trade. i was graduated in nankai university. my hobby lies in the music and reading, especially like economics.

i am glad that i can take part in this interview and i am sincerel





good morning, my respected professors!

it is my honor to be here for your interview.

first, let me introduce myself to your. i am __, 23, born in guilin, i am asenior student in the computer college of henan normal university. now, i amdoing my best to obtaining a chance to attend sichuan university.

in the past 4 years, most my time has been spent on study or campusactivities. i had passed the cet-6 and software designer e_amination. oursoftware project got the supported of the college student developmentfoundation.

furthermore, the e_perience of being monitor in my class and vice directorin the students’ union helped me know the importance of cooperation andcommunication.

as to my characters, i don’t want to use any beautiful word to praisemyself. just like my father, i strive to be an honest, upright and modest man.in my spare time, i like swimming, table tennis and chinese chess. also englishsongs and movies are my favorite.

forrest gump had said, ‘life is like a bo_ of chocolates, you never knowwhat you are going to get’.

however, i always believe we should cherish our time, and sense any changefor self-development, and we will have good prospect.

diligence is the mother of success, efficiency is the only way.

that is all for my self-introduction, thank you!


several packaging exhibition hold in beijing, this is our advantage study here, i have taken a tour to some big factory and company. through these i have a deeply understanding of domestic packaging industry. compared to developed countries such as us, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1978,our packaging industry are still underdeveloped, mess, unstable, the situation of employees in this field are awkard. but i have full confidence in a bright future if only our economy can keep the growth pace still. i guess you maybe interested in the reason itch to law, and what is my plan during graduate study life, i would like to tell you that pursue law is one of my lifelong goal,i like my major packaging and i won#39;t give up,if i can pursue my master degree here i will combine law with my former education. i will work hard in thesefields ,patent ,trademark, copyright, on the base of my years study in department of pp, my character? i cannot describe it well, but i know i am optimistic and confident. sometimes i prefer to stay alone, reading, listening to music, but i am not lonely, i like to chat with my classmates, almost talk everything ,my favorite pastime is valleyball,playing cards or surf online. through college life,i learn how to balance between study and entertainment. by the way, i was a actor of our amazing drama club. i had a few glorious memory on stage. that is my pride.


dear sir or madame.

hello ! i m xx ,i feel i will be fit for the job needed in your company. i’m 22 years old and in good health. after graduation from xxxxa middle school, i have studied it for many years. i am a better man.do well in personal responsibility ,i am good at both operating a pc,i like palying basketball.computer and listening to the music.i’m interested in the position .

i want very much to be accepted by your company. i’ll work hard if i can be a member in your company.






respected leaders, teachers:


it is my great honor to participate in this interview. i am a xxx examinee. i am in the position of xxx. i hope i can learn more from my teacher through this interview.


i come from the beautiful seaside city x. i am 24 years old. i am a fresh graduate of xxx university. the scenery in the south of fujian has nurtured me and grew up. my blood flows with the unique and lively personality of the minnan people and the ability to fight hard to win. with this spirit, during the period of school, i study hard, deliver the goods received 01 - 02 year two scholarship,xx and xx year three scholarship, practical efforts to repay the upbringing of parents and teachers.


besides learning, i also take an active part in various social practice activities. i served as class members of the publicity, has organized several public classes and school activities such as youth volunteer activities zhucan orphanage children, to love. the organization of these events and activities and members of the live let me learn a lot of things, to cultivate their abilities and interpersonal relationship is very good, provides a good platform for me to the community faster.



in addition, the computer and basketball is my biggest hobby, i have passed the national 2 level computer, in addition to familiar with day-to-day computer operation and maintenance, but also self-study website design, and designed their own personal homepage. i am the main force of the basketball team of the class. i think that basketball can not only strengthen the body, but also train a team spirit.


review my university four years work, study, life, deep feeling, but feel the harvest is still quite good. master the specialized knowledge, has trained own each aspect ability, these will produce the important help to the future work. in addition, we should also see some of my shortcomings, such as sometimes doing things more anxious, lack of practical experience in work, and so on. but the existing shortcomings of his none is perfect, no man is perfect "everyone is inevitable, there are shortcomings is not terrible, the key is how to treat


their own shortcomings, only to face up to its existence, through constant efforts to study, in order to correct their shortcomings. in the future, i will be more strict demands on myself, work hard, study hard, carry forward the advantages, correct the shortcomings, and forge ahead.


this time i chose this position, in addition to professional counterparts, i think i also very much like this position, i believe it can let me fully realize my social ideal and reflect their own value. i think i have the ability and confidence to do the job well. i hope everyone will recognize me and give me this opportunity!


these are my most sincere job interview self introduction, thank you teachers

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